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My opinion, even if only one percent failure rate on the public to “harm” is one hundred percent. In this regard, we dare you despise eyewear market was mixed, rooted in two aspects:? One of a number of standards exist regularity “lag” in the flowing everywhere under “immoral blood” naturally difficult to avoid the production and sale of scrimmage, all kinds of problems will slowly emerge; both existing criteria can not keep the product “upgrading” speed, a direct result of the enforcement of passive lag. It boils down to one sentence, that is, the reaction insensitive functions, limited “and afterwards as” management ideas in. Modern information society, the endless stream of new products, new technology advances, if the standard is always up “belated” supervision is always promoting “slow step” and even chaos in the industry has always been run, the media exposure back, it would have to be in “after the fire”, “the aftermath” of the state. Furthermore, the Governor and lax supervision institution-building rather than force balky, festive occasion type checking style does not change, the quality of goods will be like “beat to death a little strong,” like that, this is precisely the “Chinese-style regulation” sorrow.

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Subsequently, the two sides on the part of the new strategic cooperation framework agreement discussion, exchanges in the art, reaching aspects of research projects, the standard cooperation agreement of intent, the two sides in the next ISO new work item, Chinese glasses revision of the standard, Germany and France held Optometry Science and technology Forum, the depth of cooperation research projects, technical training and other aspects of the foundation. Finally, the director Jiang Weizhong and Mr.Antoine Capron global vice president of quality and standards Essilor held joint cooperation memorandum signing ceremony, visit a complete success. Chiba glasses invited to participate in “Johnson Aimetis superior lenses Elite Forum”: May 18, “China Chongqing, Johnson & Johnson contact lenses Aimetis superior Elite Forum” in Yuzhong District Intercontinental Hotel conference hall held as a famous glasses brand, eyewear industry leader and manager, Chiba glasses invited to participate in this forum, and actively organize group sales manager, regional manager, each manager outlets, invisible and joined the staff of the gang unit members to participate among them. After the meeting, they have expressed benefit. The Elite Forum-depth analysis of the Chinese optical retail industry insights, learn from the successful experience of other countries through the optical industry.

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OGE and Essilor signed a strategic cooperation has achieved remarkable results, the two sides signed the past year, technical exchanges, cooperation in standards, staff training and research cooperation projects, not only help to improve their technical capabilities, but also deepened the two institutions ISO level in a wide range of cooperation and mutual understanding. Finally, Mr. Patrick Poncin hope toward strategic cooperation can go steady and healthy development of the situation. Mr. Jean-Pierre Chauveau representative of Essilor signed a year to work on summarized and recalled that since March 13, 2015 for the first time since signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, the two sides were held in Shanghai, China 3, Tampa and Paris, France working group meetings; to carry out research and testing methods include three kinds of performance, including Blu-ray; OGE skill points to the second installment of Essilor R & D center in Paris for a period of 2 to 3 weeks of short-term exchanges and training. He expressed special mention: in China led to the new standard ISO glasses Project (NWIP) in, Essilor Group will give full support and give assistance within its capacity.

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Early This is called “Adaptive Optics” by imaging a solid object technology, through special techniques algorithm to calculate the degree of distortion of the image, and by adjusting the scientists, the use of “Spatial Light Modulator” twisted different parts of the light allowed after irradiating the object still will not scatter. After passing through the light modulator is projected onto opaque objects, on the other side of the light scattering detector can identify from where, then put together into a coherent picture. The early results are very successful, concentrated beam of light emitted intense than scattering a thousand times. The experiment also gave other teams inspired by adjusting focused ultrasound to change the frequency of the laser. After the transfer of light through the mirror to rebound, increasing the initial beam energy, a pattern on a wall map. Now, there are already teams from Paris via mouse ears a successful experiment, and hopefully developed a new type of body scanners. Although the research is still in relatively early stages, but there are many areas of expected future application of this technology. In addition to the medical field, including art restoration, archeology and other fields can be applied, the experts can see the distribution of multi-layer paint by light. However you want to be illegal peeping through this technique seems to be no hope, R & D personnel will be authorized to represent the future of this technology, it is applied to prevent the illegal fields.

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The latest invention is the anti-jetlag glasses glow green adjustable clock: According to foreign media reports, scientists have invented the world’s first vice-called “time control” glasses. This high-tech glasses can be released in the middle of the green soft light, by adjusting the body’s biological clock to changes in human sleep type, or the future will be expected to prevent jet lag. Sleep researchers invented such a device, said device called the Re-Timer, meaning those who use it for the long flight passengers when the next aircraft will feel refreshed. According to the principal inventor of the device, it is located in Adelaide from Flinders University in Australia (Flinders University) Leon – Lexington (Leon Lack) professor said, this pair of glasses can also help patients with insomnia, so more people working at night and make young people with mental and stay in bed to avoid morning.
Professor Lake said: “Green Re-Timer issue can stimulate the brain that controls our biological clock substance use this device with a light, only a few small steps, you can be the body’s biological clock to adjust to the new time zone it. enable people after a long flight, avoid sudden changes in the body and produce discomfort and reduce the symptoms of jet lag. “

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