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Internet retail optical industry in the largest body of “Ray-Ban” on October 22 at the completion of three new board listed. This owns fashion eyewear brand “sound meter” glasses retailer, to demonstrate: exactly what kind of attitude you want, entered a competition for Internet + offline industry. Previously, consumers can buy online at quite old style glasses, “expensive and ugly” is the general evaluation, but the choices are limited, difficult for consumers to “vote with their feet.” Behind this phenomenon is the traditional optical industry to reap huge profits have no desire to change and innovation in the hard reality. In the rapidly growing popularity of the Internet era, Ray-Ban fashion and low-priced products, plus online experience, trying to traditional optical industry have cut a cake. In 2016, this stylish eyewear retailer did not open physical stores, but through the Lynx,ray ban clubmaster sale, Jingdong and other third-party electronic business platform to end users sell glasses: It is common practice in the general electricity supplier. However, further than the average electricity supplier is prevalent in the Ray-Ban will retail clothing retailer own-brand model first introduced the traditional optical retail industry. Fast fashion brand Zara is an example of Ray-Ban. The core of this model is that retailers not only mastered the sales channels, but also mastered the product design, all aspects of manufacturing and inventory management; channels to reach consumers based on retailers to collect and predict consumer behavior, and with close to the fashion products to meet the changing needs, to build a “sales set production” supply chain. Fashion is “fragile”, Le Pen will be shortened to three days the shortest design cycle and compression cycle to produce glasses 3-6 weeks, as is the fashion concepts into products rapidly. However, in this process, fashion is not only magic, the Internet intervention to save transaction costs.

As a major third-party sales channels Internet business platform, it is in the early stages of development under a lot of Ray-Ban line cost savings. Property line without considering the huge expenses and personnel costs shop, which offers the potential to significantly reduce the Ray-Ban Price: 150-250 yuan lower than the price of the main product of the traditional channels Product 5-7 percent. With its own brand retailers and Internet channel mode, which was founded in 2009 eyewear retailer in 2016, it has grown into the largest online sales channel players: Le Pen in the first half sales of more than 240,000 glasses, and ranked sales II Taiwan glasses, the online channel is only about 94,000. Other data also proved this position online glasses retailer: Ray-Ban 2015 repeat purchase rate of more than 2 percent, higher than the average of 6% of the data glasses retail; in addition, as of July 2016, Le Pen the number of users over 1.25 million, more than five million visits per month. However, Ray-Ban, the rapidly expanding online market is to get yourself in the optical retail industry a firm foothold in the traditional “base”, but not the highest base stick strategy, and gradually penetrate to the next line, use the online brand get big returns the line, this is a manifestation of Ray-Ban greater value. This started from the Internet retailer said the glasses will begin in 2016 set up a “first-tier cities superiority Circle” line at the store. The use of online reputation obtained, line the store will help Le Pen from more accustomed to online consumer customers pocket and pulled out the bill – with the store, Ray-Ban glasses and optometry in other sectors “as provide consumers with a more complete experience. ” Prior to this, Le Pen American example Warby Parker has successfully expanded from the line to the next line: first line opened at retail stores since 2013, Warby Parker in the United States has set up more than 30 store in New York, San Francisco and Chicago are shops. For this eyewear products, “People want to be able to touch and feel the real product.” Warby Parker’s experience shows that the line store will effectively drive sales and thus profits. This may require more attention Ray-Ban place: in 2014 the company’s revenue more than 33 million, but the loss of more than 5 million; profitability in 2015, compared with more than 75 million of revenue, profit 180,000 it is a small number. Went down the line from the line, this also means that Le Pen will face more intense challenges – not only from within but also from outside. Internally, management and online store operations of the line there are many variations, in addition to the location and property, staff recruitment and training is not easy. And externally, to the line the past several years the island glasses, Lenscrafters and other companies eyeing the valuable material will not easily give up market share. With operational experience on the Internet, Le Pen sought to march under the store more profitable lines. ? However, full competition in this industry in the Internet + offline, the Ray-Ban’s how well the company’s investment in people gives Metrics: They asked Ray-Ban 2016 revenues of not less than 150 million yuan, the line store under overall operating cash flow is not negative. Prior to this, the consumer upgrade market optimistic about China’s venture capital institutions have been “voting with money”: 2015, Le Pen received $ 7 million A round of financing capital and IDG Capital, a joint venture of the king; in 2016, and re-CITIC stone B round of financing Asian business capital. China’s rapidly growing market size of glasses Ray Ban glasses that electricity providers create opportunities. Market research firm Euromonitor data show that China’s rapid growth in the optical market in 2015, the size of this market reached about 67.9 billion yuan.

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Recently, Ray-Ban eyewear company launched a new service: a good healthy glasses. According to reports, the service through an online platform for virtual try on, scene recommendation, etc., to provide users with an online selection of the most suitable for their own brand of glasses platform, provide consumers with a convenient yet another field. Recalling already on the line before Ray-Ban eyewear business, we can find “good health glasses” Ray Ban glasses companies following the introduction of “healthy home”, “Southwest safe Internet Hospital” and other services, in O2O field another new attempt. This attempt exactly what meaning, what impact they will have Ray-Ban glasses and medical industry to bring the Internet? In today’s popular mobile Internet, O2O industry has many reaching maturity. Whether the travel industry drops and Uber, or take away the beauty industry groups, Baidu takeaway hungry and what about, or micro-channel payment Alipay and payment industry, has formed a monopoly or oligopoly in their respective fields of O2O. ray ban sunglasses discount, saleIn such a status, O2O industry seems to fall from heaven to hell, investment frenzy subsided, many entrepreneurs brands began to fall. But as a product of the “Internet +” under the trend, O2O still optimistic about the prospects for actually. This requires enterprises to identify the user just need, yet in a field of giants, to O2O convenience to impress consumers to foot the bill. Ray-Ban eyewear company based mobile health, targeting has not been perfect for a mobile medical O2O field – glasses. After the on-line business performance from the point of view of Ray-Ban glasses ready in “good health glasses,” this new business full: At the product level, using a large frame and lens quality brand, through direct mining enterprises to ensure quality at the same time price advantage; at the user experience level, on the one hand to set up the scene recommendation, so the selection of functional glasses become a thing no threshold, on the other hand, the virtual function also lets try to buy glasses online more intuitive style. This series of actions are aimed at the user pain points, so that the business of sustainable development possible. Thus, the Ray-Ban glasses glasses company to carry out a good healthy business is definitely not just for fun, but in the big health brand strategy a move. Ray-Ban glasses O2O new company to carry out business, we can see Ray-Ban glasses ambitions in the Internet the medical field, the first expansion of such new areas such as glasses in a wide range of health, as Ray-Ban glasses big brand concept to provide a more healthy much stronger business support; followed by the new “glasses good health” business and before the launch of “healthy Air” and other business, the “on the Ray-Ban glasses” this action becomes “light” in order to improve the Ray-Ban glasses the company app open rates and user stickiness. From the above it can be seen as a good healthy glasses Ray-Ban glasses company opened a new dimension in the field of O2O, O2O hope that through the Internet channel, the real convenience of consumers, let consumers in major health areas, with mobile Internet at more traditional industries can not provide convenience. Apart from this, Ray-Ban glasses had also been in various fields made a major health layouts, such as “online health consultation” aimed at Internet Medical core functions, the establishment of a full-time team of doctors to answer user professional issues; “Live Healthy” by Air Dongfeng, to meet the user’s daily health needs through professional anchor; “overseas physical” flagship high-end consumer groups, the combination of tourism and medical and so on. Ray-Ban glasses undertaken through different channels in different areas of the business, not confined to the purely “medical” level, but extended to the “great health” range. Multi-dimensional layout, make Ray-Ban glasses “big health” brand concept at the operational level have strong enough support. Ray-Ban glasses as mobile Internet medical leading brands, in order to solve the original mobile Internet health users frequency of use is low, insufficient user stickiness problem constantly in new areas to expand and to try, based on the original business on the continuously derived from the surrounding business together to create “big health” of the ecosystem. Overall, the Ray-Ban glasses through the “glasses good health,” “Live healthy” and other major health services to meet the health, sub-health problems users encounter in their daily lives; “online health advice,” “overseas medical “” Doctor live “and other services to complement the traditional medical industry. Thus, based on daily use and professional guidance of two levels of service, Ray-Ban glasses enhance the user experience and user frequency of use, and ultimately achieve a win-win brand and the user. Ray-Ban glasses the on-line health eyeglasses business, further complete the layout of the brand in major health areas, deepen Ray-Ban eyewear company Health Industry ecological processes, but also provides a new direction for the development of mobile Internet industry. Establishment of ecological or age of the Internet industry, a brand wants to sustainable development of the correct way.

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The three-day exhibition, an exhibition area of 25,000 square meters, attracted more than 400 domestic and foreign companies from participating. T station will move into the scene to fight the booth cube, you can see the exhibition site design and fashion fusion. Wenzhou Dana Exhibition Co., Ltd. responsible person, the overall size of the exhibition last Legco increase of 25%, including foreign trade companies with the enthusiasm of participating groups momentum. Coupled with the original foreign-based factories and old customers, over a hundred the number of export-oriented enterprises, the internationalization of the show has been increasing. The first day of the exhibition, hospitality professional buyers exceeded one million. Has been held for 14 years, Wenzhou International Optical Fair role in boosting the development of the local optical industry has become increasingly evident. “Wenzhou glasses industry mostly relies on OEM or ODM-based processing, to attend the show is one of the most effective ways to get the order.” According to the city glasses Chamber of Commerce, responsible person, more than 400 exhibiting companies, covering almost all major domestic main producing glasses District, product display into a mirror cover, equipment, raw and auxiliary materials and parts, packaging, lenses and so the whole industry chain.

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Early This is called “Adaptive Optics” by imaging a solid object technology, through special techniques algorithm to calculate the degree of distortion of the image, and by adjusting the scientists, the use of “Spatial Light Modulator” twisted different parts of the light allowed after irradiating the object still will not scatter. After passing through the light modulator is projected onto opaque objects, on the other side of the light scattering detector can identify from where, then put together into a coherent picture. The early results are very successful, concentrated beam of light emitted intense than scattering a thousand times. The experiment also gave other teams inspired by adjusting focused ultrasound to change the frequency of the laser. After the transfer of light through the mirror to rebound, increasing the initial beam energy, a pattern on a wall map. Now, there are already teams from Paris via mouse ears a successful experiment, and hopefully developed a new type of body scanners. Although the research is still in relatively early stages, but there are many areas of expected future application of this technology. In addition to the medical field, including art restoration, archeology and other fields can be applied, the experts can see the distribution of multi-layer paint by light. However you want to be illegal peeping through this technique seems to be no hope, R & D personnel will be authorized to represent the future of this technology, it is applied to prevent the illegal fields.

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Attempting to simply discover some Oakley Frogskins on sale? The guidelines in this article will enable you with your research. When you are on a tight spending budget its tough to be ready to afford the full retail value for your favorite designer cheap sunglassses. Understanding in which to appear and store will conserve you both equally time and dollars in the method so its a win-win situation for you.Oakley Frogskins On Sale Alternatives:If you choose to buy your designer eye use at the finish of the yr you can grab your self a discount. A whole lot of sunglasses companies release new types just about every 12 months in buy to update their collection. So this can translate into large financial savings for you as you are in a solid placement to negotiate mainly because the shop truly wishes to get rid of that stock. Vogue moves swiftly these days so outdated styles and stock do not stay in desire for really prolonged.One more area you really should certainly be searching are the on the web auctions and stores. They do not have the overheads of Oakley Sunglasses Cheap higher street merchants so their enormous price savings can simply be passed onto you as a consumer. There is an added bonus with outlets like & that give both free of charge shipping and no cost return shipping. This presents you peace of brain if you are not entirely satisfied with what you have bought.An additional wonderful advantage of the online keep are the customer assessments. You will be able to locate out all about the good and the negative of the designer product you are hunting to obtain. This can play a enormous role in producing your closing decision of a purchase and discover out details on solutions you wouldn’t learn elsewhere. Also the recognised on-line merchants do not promote fake sunglasses so you are getting the real offer for your dollars.How To Discover Oakley Sunglasses Outlet Frogskins On SaleYou’ll want to know how to discover these outlets and decide on the a single that offers you the ideal offer. Your very best wager is to find a person who is aware all about acquiring price savings and see what they have observed.

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In line with the 2016 spring and summer series of sunglasses EyeShine release, Fendi by French Canadian singer Béatrice Martin (Heart Pirates) Starring brand new trailer “Undone”. The short film, EyeShine sunglasses are a pair of praise to the sun, beautiful and charming, brilliant through the lens refraction, showing unparalleled attraction: keynote describing an interesting myths about the sun. Tablets, the sun is the supreme deity, EyeShine sunglasses is poured fans sacred beings, and “Pirates of the heart” that is, between heaven and earth turned mysterious priestess. In the mirror sunglasses, the issue of the rising sun gods generally dazzling Light, Xu Yujian in the whole body reflects the numerous “Pirates of the Heart” figure. The worship of the sun god singer Fu golden paint to mark the arrival of this unique moment. The face of the sun shine bright gold is both praise, but also a tribute to Eyeshine sunglasses.
“FENDI Eyeshine sun glasses, is really a moment of choice! They are full of mysterious beauty in ‘Undone’, and a people to surrender, people poured holy things .FENDIEyeshine sunglasses wonderful magic show.” Singer heart pirates said excitedly. Givenchy launched a new 2016 neon color sunglasses in spring and summer. The new “Givenchy Staple” and “Givenchy Bridges” neon color sunglasses with its unique metal structure combined with the rubber frame, perfect presents unique Givenchy aesthetics, clean-cut frame with bright bright colors, new Both the shape of the glasses full interpretation of the beauty of contrast, hard and soft shapes meet the different needs of men and women wear. Hue combines neon colors and avant-garde classic colors: yellow, green, pink, coral orange and black, and with a flash mirror effect, show a unique urban style. Givenchy 2016 neon color sunglasses are sold in April at Givenchy’s major boutiques worldwide and some fine department stores and specialty shops, clean-cut frame with bright bright colors, the new styling will contrast two glasses of beauty fully interpret, hard and soft shapes meet different needs of men and women wear. Hue combines neon colors and avant-garde classic colors: yellow, green, pink, coral orange and black, and with a flash mirror effect, show a unique urban style.

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Clothes always are available in and out of fashion and it’s exactly the same for accessories to for example women’s aviator sunglasses. Lately it would appear that a growing number of celebrities are sporting aviator shades. Perhaps it’s triggered the rise in popularity among women.For males, aviator glasses will always be a popular. Often they are seen on pilots, but through the years, men of types normally wear them. Although sunglasses are equipped for summer weather, they’re regularly worn for fashion. A lot of women wear aviator sunglasses regarding complete a glance and could have a number of different pairs.Today, sunglasses are treated as accessories the same as shoes, bags and even cell phones. Obviously, you will notice more sunglasses being worn during the summer time for obvious reasons, but people buying designer glasses rarely take a look at its ability to protect the eyes in the sun.Aviator glasses are designed to cover the eyes as much as possible to reduce the sun’s glare. This is especially important for pilots when flying. This explains why women’s aviator glasses can look rather big. Although aviator sunglasses may look oversized and unflattering for ladies, there are many different styles available on the market.Both big named and traditional brands have produced their own take of aviators. Women’s aviator sunglasses happen to be revamped for that modern and vibrant woman. That which was old style has become new. Women’s aviators are now elegant, stylish and cool. With modern materials designers are able to produce ultra thin frames that are not bulky. In addition, frames are sturdier than ever and may handle knocks without getting damaged. With so many different designers available designing women’s aviator sunglasses there is no doubt that you have a pair created for almost any style of dress. You might be thinking how it’s even possible to have a wide variety of styles. But consider the man’s tie and also you realize ways to take one easy concept that will create a large number of different looks.Additionally, designers are constantly reshaping the classic turn to match current trends. This doesn’t mean they alter the form completely. New looks still seem like aviator sunglasses but they may have subtle changes to shape. The actual styling is necessary when designers start taking into consideration the lens and frame of the glasses.Different colors and shades and various effects for example mirrored and smoke colored lenses can create various looks. Furthermore, styling towards the actual frame gives women a large amount of choice with regards to buying women’s aviator sunglasses.Get More Info Here Aviator Sunglasses Top Gun Sunglasses Aviator Mirrored Sunglasses

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For ladies who’re looking to discover a brand new pair of stylish, comfortable and protective eyewear, you will discover that the style of aviator sunglasses for women are an excellent purchase. Not only are they going to cover the entire eye, due to the larger frames, but there are also different options and levels of protection to consider, depending on the brands you buy and style you choose to go with. From polarized lenses, to UVA or UVB protection, to reflexive lenses, when choosing to go with a great pair of aviators, whether or not you’re looking to buy for women or aviator sunglasses for men, there are lots of choices to select from. When considering the very best aviators sunglasses, we suggest taking the time to complete some comparison work. Essential things to think about are: the brand names, the style of the frames and lenses, whether or not or not they offer different style designs, polarized frames, and so forth. Many people are also going to wish to evaluate pricing before buying, in order to make sure the new aviators they do buy are of the very best quality. At the exact same time they need to be affordable and within your budget, so keep these things in thoughts once they are looking to find the very best quality glasses for your particular needs. For all those who want to the leading name brands, while nonetheless finding the savings and deals, look for cheap ray ban sunglasses, and considering all local, on-line, and nation wide retailers. Often they will have the lowest costs, which is an important consideration when deciding which aviators to go with. For all those who wish to discover the very best discounts on the biggest and best brand names, yet still wish to ensure they’re buying genuine glasses and not knock-offs, you’ve to understand which online specialty websites to shop with. In order to find the lower and much better cost ranges, and in order to get the large brand names (which all conscious minded buyers wish to discover), take your time in hunting – with just a little work you’ll find what you are searching for. Choosing to purchase a significant brand name model of aviators, is going to provide you the best quality, and also the fantastic searching style designs which they are seeking. But, to be able to make sure the lower cost points, and to be sure which you are in a position to find the genuine glasses, you’ve to know where to go – you have to understand how you can discover the best savings, by choosing to shop using the correct online specialty websites. Again, as I mentioned above, taking you time to find the better on-line shops will probably be function it in the lengthy run. Often the cash you save on a just a few pair of discounted aviator sunglasses is sufficient to allow you an additional pair for no price, or extremely small out of pocket expense. Even though it is occasionally challenging to locate the top name brands, and to locate the savings you are hoping for, it’s feasible if you are merely willing to put in the time and work to shop about, and evaluate everything that’s available. Do that prior to you actually make the final choice as to which aviators you’re ultimately going to buy and you can save a bundle! As I’ve discovered with clothes – in the event you don’t truly like what you see, do not purchase it! In other words, only buy a pair of sunglasses that really stand out and are attractive to you. When selecting quality and comfort, males and ladies need to compare the leading brands, and they must think about the fit and the kind of lenses which are on the glasses. When choosing new aviators, consider that polarized lenses are going to complete a much better job of guarding the eyes, offer a much more soothing tone (due to much less eye strain in bright sunlight), and usually possess a much better all about really feel. So, in choosing new aviators (with high-quality polarized lenses), in the very best on-line discounts accessible, take your time in finding exactly what you’re looking for. In doing so you’ll begin to discover the much better online shops, that specialize within the specific make and style of aviators that you are thinking about. Once more, by doing so you can save a significant quantity of money in the long run. Because of the reality that there are so many sunglasses, brands, and designer choices to select from, consumers need to know where to shop, and exactly where to find the best offers. So, when choosing your new glasses, taking the time to go to as many online specialty websites as you are able to. Begin by comparing a few pairs, then much more, till you discover the ones that are going to give you the very best fit, style and meet your spending budget. When purchasing new aviator sunglasses for women, you will discover that taking the time to evaluate pricing, by going to a number of trustworthy online retailers, is going to result within the very best saving, and get you the top quality sunglasses that you are craving! —— Programmer Michael Grill enjoys tennis, wearing dark sunglasses – , body building. Furthermore, he treasures chilling out with his family and friends.

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There are certain brands, whose shades are in the marketplace at this instance in time, but one needless to say stands out between the rest, which certainly is Ray Ban. These polaroid glasses are one of the leader’s, hippest & hottest. Their latest design is definitely the 3025 Aviator Sun-specs. Since Ray Ban is really popular, it is no wonder their type of polaroid glasses sell at top prices, specially the brand-new design and style obtainable. You could claim the hottest 3025 Aviator Shades model at a reduced rate if you continue to read. Why are polaroid glasses very popular? The newest lines of Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses designer shades. This is certainly popular because of the timeless look, nonetheless it’s also fresh. It may possibly be utilized in any outfit & its design, suitable for countless varieties of user’s faces. The delightful polaroid glasses are the types you’d like if you’d like to be regarded as a magnet for the attention. Except that, you may look groovy, stylish & updated within the fashion industry wearing these sun shades. The Merchandise happens to be trouble-free to wear since you don’t need to worry while wearing them for a whole day, they won’t stress your ears usually when you use them as there not heavy, determined by numerous sizes, to help you to adequately purchase the design you like best. These sun-specs afford 100% UV protection What’s more, showing off shades are often groovy and trendy; they also can protect the eyes. There is 100% UV safeguard; there are plenty of fakes in stores that promote UV safety, with not quite 100% promises. With Ray Ban sun glasses, you’re assured that your eyes are safe from the glare of the sun and it’s harmful sun rays which will potentially damage the eyes. Shopping online is practical You might want to shop online because your top priority to choose the cheapest deals, which is foremost than seeking it in the crowded local markets, this can be achieved online in your own house. Shopping on the internet and searching through the many sites that arise through the search engine listings can also be trying but you might possibly find yourself finding some terrific results even when you am not aware of where to search. Assuming you are the hippiest chick or the grooviest guy and you wish to criticize at this point on Ray Ban Aviator 3025 polaroid glasses then here is the place. Ray Ban Metal Aviator 3025 The world leaders in Polarized Shades.