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OGE and Essilor signed a strategic cooperation has achieved remarkable results, the two sides signed the past year, technical exchanges, cooperation in standards, staff training and research cooperation projects, not only help to improve their technical capabilities, but also deepened the two institutions ISO level in a wide range of cooperation and mutual understanding. Finally, Mr. Patrick Poncin hope toward strategic cooperation can go steady and healthy development of the situation. Mr. Jean-Pierre Chauveau representative of Essilor signed a year to work on summarized and recalled that since March 13, 2015 for the first time since signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, the two sides were held in Shanghai, China 3, Tampa and Paris, France working group meetings; to carry out research and testing methods include three kinds of performance, including Blu-ray; OGE skill points to the second installment of Essilor R & D center in Paris for a period of 2 to 3 weeks of short-term exchanges and training. He expressed special mention: in China led to the new standard ISO glasses Project (NWIP) in, Essilor Group will give full support and give assistance within its capacity.

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