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The latest invention is the anti-jetlag glasses glow green adjustable clock: According to foreign media reports, scientists have invented the world’s first vice-called “time control” glasses. This high-tech glasses can be released in the middle of the green soft light, by adjusting the body’s biological clock to changes in human sleep type, or the future will be expected to prevent jet lag. Sleep researchers invented such a device, said device called the Re-Timer, meaning those who use it for the long flight passengers when the next aircraft will feel refreshed. According to the principal inventor of the device, it is located in Adelaide from Flinders University in Australia (Flinders University) Leon – Lexington (Leon Lack) professor said, this pair of glasses can also help patients with insomnia, so more people working at night and make young people with mental and stay in bed to avoid morning.
Professor Lake said: “Green Re-Timer issue can stimulate the brain that controls our biological clock substance use this device with a light, only a few small steps, you can be the body’s biological clock to adjust to the new time zone it. enable people after a long flight, avoid sudden changes in the body and produce discomfort and reduce the symptoms of jet lag. “