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In fact, this is wrong. “Armed Police Hospital of the attending physician explains Ma Yunlong, wearing ray ban sunglasses is to help people see things, can reduce eye fatigue. Unhealthy personal habits with the eyes is the real cause myopia and eyeball deformation factor. Why, then, some wearing ray ban sunglasses who looks a bit protruding eyeballs? Ma Yunlong According to reports, in general, 600 degrees of myopia is known as high myopia. many ray ban sunglasses and high myopia, they look a little eye projection, which is subject to degrees impacts. the thickness of normal eye is generally 23-24 mm. when the 300 degrees of myopia, the eye will begin to draw back, while the growth every 300 degrees of myopia, the eye will be drawn back one millimeter. so, when 600 degrees of myopia, the eye will stretch 2 mm. Ma Yunlong had experienced a degree of myopia up to 1800 patients, their eyes stretched 6 mm. Because there is a fixed orbital space, if the length of the stretch is too large, the eye We can only move forward projection.”This is not to say how many degrees of myopia will certainly forward projections. This is personal.” Ma Yunlong example, saying, for example, some people are more thin, relatively flat eye socket, eye convex then looks obvious. And itself sunken eyes who looks after eye convex relatively not so obvious. Some foreigners even myopia deep, but because of their relatively deep eye sockets, it is difficult to be found. It is worth mentioning that more than 600 degrees of high myopia, there may be genetic, but here that genetics, not to say that future generations will certainly be short-sighted, but to future generations more susceptible to myopia.
In addition, Ma Yunlong remind the public, usually when cleaning ray ban sunglasses, you can wash with water, air dry naturally. If ray ban sunglasses cloth to wipe, etc., some small little grains of sand or dust may cause lens wear, be careful. When using the ray ban sunglasses should be the removal of ray ban sunglasses with both hands to prevent damage to the frame, in order to ensure the normal life of the frame.