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Early This is called “Adaptive Optics” by imaging a solid object technology, through special techniques algorithm to calculate the degree of distortion of the image, and by adjusting the scientists, the use of “Spatial Light Modulator” twisted different parts of the light allowed after irradiating the object still will not scatter. After passing through the light modulator is projected onto opaque objects, on the other side of the light scattering detector can identify from where, then put together into a coherent picture. The early results are very successful, concentrated beam of light emitted intense than scattering a thousand times. The experiment also gave other teams inspired by adjusting focused ultrasound to change the frequency of the laser. After the transfer of light through the mirror to rebound, increasing the initial beam energy, a pattern on a wall map. Now, there are already teams from Paris via mouse ears a successful experiment, and hopefully developed a new type of body scanners. Although the research is still in relatively early stages, but there are many areas of expected future application of this technology. In addition to the medical field, including art restoration, archeology and other fields can be applied, the experts can see the distribution of multi-layer paint by light. However you want to be illegal peeping through this technique seems to be no hope, R & D personnel will be authorized to represent the future of this technology, it is applied to prevent the illegal fields.