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The event, as Oakley China spokesman, Lin Dan put his hand to the drone of the lightest in the history of the brand rimless Sports Glasses – Application spectrum sharp-lens technology EvZero Path Zero sunglasses, and shared spectrum Ruizhi lens technology to bring his surprise: “peacetime training will be combined with a lot of road running and other outdoor sports experience in professional sports to Oakley glasses, especially in science and technology before the intellectual spectrum sharp lens, almost unimaginable: through through the lens of the image spectrum Ruizhi than the naked eye to see the world more clearly the details! “the scene of the media by means of virtual reality VR device, witnessed extraordinary place spectrum sharp-lens technology. Keep making progress, innovation and subversion: Since its founding in 1975, Oakley has always been the pursuit of innovation. And a commitment to innovation and the entrepreneurial pioneer research and development team, an important reason is the Oakley brand to stand out. As Oakley, head of global emerging markets category, Scott Randall in the past four years we have been committed to product research and global demand in emerging markets. By means of his professional experience and knowledge of emerging market demand, Scott in the development process of the spectrum sharp-lens technology and continuous improvement in brainstorming: “the advent of the spectrum sharp-lens technology, I am particularly excited.